Kate Frowzy

Social Media Coordinator
Better Life

http://www.cleanhappens.com/blog/ https://www.facebook.com/CleanHappens https://www.twitter.com/CleanHappens Frow-zy: adj. habitually untidy or messy. negligent of neatness. Hi there! I’m Kate Frowzy. I’m the blogger/social media coordinator at Better Life in a column we’re calling “Better Life vs. The Frowzies.” I’m wife to Bob Frowzy, mother of 7 Little Frowzies, and owner of a 160 lb St. Bernard. As you can imagine, this crew creates a lot of chaos and a lot of dirt. We live, laugh, and love in an old, old house in the city of St. Louis. I think The Frowzies present the Better Life guys with quite a challenge. We’ll see if “clean happens” in everyday terms.

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